3d secure system

КАМИЕВА МАГРИФА ЕРКЕНОВНА 4 years ago updated by КАРЛЫГАШ 4 years ago 3

Before adding new improvements as your stupid 3d secure, be sure that it does work and make the life of customer way easier and not harder. Spend last 2 hours trying to buy tickets online and from special application. Well it didn't worked. During that time called to your office center several times and nobody could properly answer me why it is not working, why do i need this system, how does it work, etc. Took me more than 20 min talking to the operators to understand that it is impossible to make online payment using Google Chrome, Safari, applications and now I have to download other browsers hoping they might work.

Very very disappointed with this system, employee awareness and services!!!!

Action that requires few minutes took few hours!

Not a bug

Good evening! 3D Secure - is the password required for the safe performance of internet payments and the terms of the agreement with the Bank and IPS (International payment systems). Accordingly, this password is required to make payments via internet with Kazkom card. This technology works very simple. When you make any purchase at any online store you will be asked to enter a unique password, like as you enter the PIN at the ATM. Only in this way you will be able to use the card for online payment.

Best regards, Kazkom

Не нажимается 3D secure, либо вы делайте нормально или вообще не делайте. Заебали уже со своими апгрейдами


Здравствуйте, Асхат Сергеевич!

Просим поменять браузер и попробовать еще раз использовать логотип 3D secure, общих проблем по установке пароля не предусматривалось.

С уважением, Карлыгаш!